Need more time?

Patient visits are not long enough to really engage with your patients. You may have limited time to prepare for visits and little to no time to follow up with them on care plans. Patients struggle to get better and each visit becomes the same discussion. You are overwhelmed with workload and stress.

Partnering with a Health Coach can improve outcomes.

My name is Cyndi Chizek. I am a Functional Medicine Certified and National Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach specializing in guiding patients with autoimmunity, chronic illness and excessive stress in making lifestyle changes to ultimately help them achieve their wellness goals.

I have learned from the leaders in Motivational Interviewing, Positive Psychology, Mind-Body Medicine and Behavior Change Theory. Coupling these methodologies with sound understanding of Functional Medicine principles I am ready to work with you to improve outcomes for your patients.

As a Health Coach, my role is to provide the support and guidance your patients need to empower them to make lasting lifestyle changes. As part of the care team for your patients, I am the connection that bridges the gaps for you both. My education in the principles of Functional Medicine allows me to help the patient interpret the message you are giving them.

You handle the diagnosing and prescribing and I will support, educate, inspire, and empower your patients to make forward progress on their journey to health.

I can benefit your practice and support your patients by providing:

Individual coaching

    • One-on-one client-driven sessions customized to the patient's needs. Working with you in a collaborative care model, I help your patients understand and implement the care plans you recommend. We will create a communication plan that keeps you informed and provides you the information you need to recommend the next steps for the patient.

Group health coaching

    • Group sessions are a great opportunity to provide coaching to patients with similar health conditions and/or wellness goals. Topics can be specific to a health condition (Hashimotos, Diabetes, etc.), centered around nutritional protocols (Autoimmune Protocol, Implementing the IFM Elimination Diet, Detox, etc.), focused on lifestyle changes (Movement, Stress Reduction, Toxin Elimination) or you custom topics you recommend for your patients.

Educational programs

    • Healthy living education can be provided as single class sessions or a through a mulit-class program. These are designed to provide patients with general information for lifestyle activities that promote health and wellness such as stress management, toxin elimination through lifestyle changes, gut health, etc.

Sessions for individual and groups can be...

  • Virtual - video conferencing or phone

  • In-person - Clear Lake, Iowa