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No matter where you are located we can find a way to connect - in person, video conferencing, or over the phone. And we'll do it in the way that suits you best - individually or as part of a group.

Individual Sessions


Designed for the person who would like frequent interaction while tackling difficult lifestyle changes to improve their health. This package is completely client-driven and may include all aspects of health including nutrition, movement, stress management, healthy relationships, sleep and relaxation. Ideal for those with chronic conditions (ie: autoimmune diseases, diabetes, etc.) that would like support for holistic healing. Choose from weekly, bi-weekly or monthly sessions with email, phone and text support included. Minimum three month commitment.


Five coaching sessions ideally suited for those wanting a health jump-start with personalized guidance, support and accountability. Working together we will target the most impactful changes you can make right away, whether it is implementing a diet strategy, learning to set S.M.A.R.T. goals or having in-depth health conversations and education. We will start with a 60-minute foundation session and follow with four 30-minute sessions held weekly or bi-weekly.

Group Sessions

Several times per year group sessions on specific topics are offered. These sessions are a great opportunity to get coaching with others with similar health conditions and/or wellness goals. Time-frames vary from 6-12 weeks. Sample topics include Autoimmune Protocol, Implementing the IFM Elimination Diet, Detox, Redesign Your Diet, Toxin Elimination with Lifestyle Changes or you can also request a custom group topic. See Event Schedule for current offerings.

Free 20-Minute Session

Sign up for a free 20-minute Discovery call to learn more and discover how coaching can help you on your path to your wellness vision.

What is it like to work with Cyndi?

"Cyndi is a well-spring of awesome information and is willing to help in many ways. Her personal experience gives you far more than you may realize is possible. Just jump in and be uninhibited! Go for it because You are worth every minute!" ~Paula E.

"I gained great insight into where to look for healthier food products and what recipes I could use to replace my less-than-healthy prior recipes. She was a great help in understanding the Mito Food Plan as well." ~Diane E.

"Through this process, Cyndi helped me realize that the very things I was doing to relieve pain and inflammation, was actually making my symptoms worse. Cyndi's knowledge and first hand experience with food sensitivities and the elimination diet brings a depth that only she can provide." ~ Carolyn K.